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The nature of your business, the style and size of the building or buildings, and your specific needs will determine the specifications of the overhead doors that you select for your workplace. Some key factors to consider in selecting a commercial overhead door include:

• How often your overhead doors are used. If there is heavy usage, you need to consider high cycle springs, bigger tracks, heavy cable and heavier gauge steel.

• How well your building is insulated. If it is insulated, you should definitely consider an insulated overhead door. Sectional doors are available in varying degrees of thickness with polystyrene insulation sandwiched between heavy gauge metal and skin. The energy savings should be significant if your building calls for this.

• The height requirements for your overhead doors. If you have a vehicle lift or other heavy equipment that may interfere with the garage door track, your workplace will require custom fitted doors and tracks.

• Fire code specifications for your building vary among states, cities and types of business. We can provide fire-rated doors that automatically close in case of fire/smoke.

• Determining your desired aesthetics: rib panel, raised panel and/or embossed pattern, along with desired finish/color can coordinate with your building or company logo for an integrated appearance.

At Crystal Garage Door, we install all types, makes and models of commercial garage doors. We offer the highest quality service with the lowest guaranteed prices for all commercial garage door installations. Please click on the button on this page to set up an appointment or call 773-649-4645 (Chicago) or 847-728-8289 (suburbs).