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Your garage door spring is the important component that allows your doors to open and close without issues. If the spring is broken, your garage door will not work properly. At Crystal Overhead Door, we recognize that prevention is key when it comes to garage door spring problems, so it is recommended that you inspect them a few times a year to check for possible damage.

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How To Inspect Your Garage Door Springs

Although you should never attempt to repair or replace garage door springs yourself, it is a good idea to give them a thorough review every few months to ensure they are in good shape for the upcoming season.

  • Corrosion On Springs

    Since your garage door springs are made of metal, they are susceptible to corrosion. Over time, the corrosion can cause your spring to crack. You can prevent rust by applying lubricant to the spring every few months or you can choose to have special springs installed that have a protective zinc coating.

  • Worn Springs

    The average garage door opens and closes about 1,500 times per year and the typical springs can last around 10,000 cycles. That being said, eventually, they will succumb to wear and tear and become weak, crack, or even break.

  • Damaged Springs

    Inspect your springs to see if there are any gaps. Gaps are an indication that the garage door torsion spring is broken.

Signs Your Garage Door Spring Is Damaged

A professional will tell you if your garage door springs are truly broken. Some of the main signs that your garage door spring is no longer working properly include the following:

  • Your Garage Door Feels Heavier Than Normal

    The weight of your garage never fluctuates but it might feel that way when something is wrong. This is due to the tension spring that supports the weight of your garage door being broken.

  • Your Garage Door Will Not Open Or Close

    First, check your garage door opener and sensors to determine nothing is wrong with them. Sometimes leaves, dust or other debris can cover these sensors, and simply removing them can resolve this issue. If these are not causing your garage door to stay open or remain closed, then you need to have a professional take a look at it.

  • Your Garage Door Won’t Fully Open

    If your garage door opens a bit, then refuses to open any further, chances are, your garage door springs are damaged and need to be addressed by a trained expert.

  • You Notice Loose Or Broken Cables

    Certain garage door parts like the tension springs are meant to hold the cables supporting your door very firmly in place. If you notice the cables are dangling or sagging, you will want to refrain from opening, closing or touching the door until a local garage door service specialist arrives to inspect them. Furthermore, if a spring breaks, you’ll need to contact a professional for help.

  • Your Spring Has a Visible Gap

    As mentioned before, seeing a gap is the most obvious sign that your spring is broken and that a professional needs to be called in.

  • Loud Noise Coming From Your Garage Door

    A loud popping noise coming from your garage door can indicate that your garage door torsion spring has just broken.

  • Your Garage Door Jerks When Moving

    If your garage door makes strange sudden movements or jerks when you open or close it, the springs are more than likely broken and need to be replaced by a skilled expert.

  • Your Garage Door Is Uneven

    One key sign that your door’s springs have malfunctioned is that if it only opens or closes on one side. You will want to call your local garage door repair specialist right away to correct the problem.

  • Your Garage Door Closes Too Fast

    If your garage door is almost falling when you go to close it, call a professional right away. This is an indication that the springs are faulty and unable to properly support the weight of the door.

Quality Garage Door Spring Replacements in Chicago

If you’re in need of a precise repair for garage door springs in Chicago, look no further than Crystal Overhead Door. Our team of trusted technicians have been providing fast, affordable garage door spring repairs and replacements for over 50 years and can assist with any issues you might have with your garage doors.

From Evanston to Arlington Heights, Crystal Overhead Door is ready to help any home or business across the Chicagoland area with their broken garage door springs. To get replacement springs installed or schedule one of our other garage door repair services give us a call to request an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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