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Your whole day can become derailed if your garage door has broken springs or falls off its track. It’s a major headache for this to happen to a homeowner who is trying to drive their car to work, but it’s an even larger problem for business owners.

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective garage door repair service in Winnetka, Illinois, then you’re in luck. The professionals with Crystal Overhead Door will get right to work to make sure your garage doors get back to working order.

Common Garage Door Problems Faced By Winnetka Residents & Business Owners

Any garage door might seem like a simple piece of technology that doesn’t take much to simply open or close. In reality, there are numerous components that help a garage door open, close and stay that way when a person or vehicle is passing through it.

When one of those components stops working, then the whole system that makes your garage operate safely can cause serious headaches for homeowners or business owners.

Here is a list of the most common garage door issues that both can face:

Garage Door Repair in Winnetka

  • A warped or broken part of the torsion spring system – Garage door springs and tubes are essential parts of the system that keep your door balanced when opening.
  • A malfunctioning garage motor or remote control – Before you call a professional for help, check the batteries on your remote to make sure they’re not dead. If the batteries don’t seem to be the issue, then you need to contact us for help.
  • Blocked photo eye sensors near the garage door – Leaves, mud and dog hair can enter your garage and block these sensors, which make sure the garage door closes safely. Clean these off before calling a professional to make sure they don’t work.
  • Screeching, squeaking or shaking-related noises when your door opens or shuts – While your garage is expected to make some minor noises upon opening, it should not sound like a chainsaw or screaming animal. If you’re concerned about these noises, it never hurts to get a second opinion from an expert.
  • Garage door sticks or opens unevenly – Your garage doors should always be perfectly parallel to the ground they’re lifting off of or descending to. If they’re not, that could be a sign that your door is off-track or a part of it is warped. Attempting to fix this uneven look could result in serious injury, so please contact a professional for help instead.

Outside of sensors and malfunctioning remote controls, an individual should not conduct garage door work unless they are a professional. This is so homeowners and business owners can stay safe. Hiring a professional means you will avoid additional expenses from damage to your garage or injuries from trying to fix it yourself.

Make Your Appointment With Crystal Overhead Doors Now

The professionals with Crystal Overhead Door will be able to tell you upfront whether your broken garage door can be fully repaired or not. If a garage door replacement is needed, our team will offer several high quality options to replace it.

As one of the most effective and efficient garage door repair companies in Winnetka, Illinois, we will conduct a thorough inspection prior to beginning our services in your home or business. If you have any questions or need to schedule your garage door repair in Winnetka as soon as possible, please contact our customer service team now.

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