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At Crystal Overhead Door, we have over 20 years of experience with garage door repair and installation on various door styles from wood to fiberglass, with or without windows, even custom-fitted and restored garage doors. We can help with your garage door repair for your residential or commercial property that will leave you with a reliable door that works perfectly. So, call today and speak to one of our professional team members for a free quote!

When South Loop residents need a professional garage door service, they choose the preferred garage door repair and installation company Crystal Overhead Door. South Loop is the area from Wells Drive between Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Nearly 30,000 residents make up the South Loop community. When you need garage door service, you can depend on quality, fair prices, and excellent customer service from Crystal Overhead Door.

A new or restored garage door from Crystal Overhead Door will compliment your home beautifully, and our garage door service team ensures your garage door will fit and operate correctly. Our staff is ready to help you choose a garage door that helps set the tone of your home. We have the area’s largest selection of garage door options at great prices! If you need a garage door repair, we have got you covered! Call Crystal Overhead Door to get started today!

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